Main Stage Productions

What is a Main Stage Production?

Full scale, fully produced productions. that run for two weekends. All students that register will be cast. Over the rehearsal period students meet either once or twice a week.

Addams Family Sydnee

What does Genesis expect from actors at this level?

  • Self-discipline and commitment. Main Stage Shows require lots of practice at home.
  • Practice proper rehearsal etiquette-including being on time, being properly prepared, and keeping up with their lines, choreography, and harmonies.
  • Students must rehearse at home and be prepared for rehearsal.
  • Students must show their directors and other actors respect at all times.
  • They must be available and prepared for Tech Week (the weekly rehearsals before opening night). These are long nights. Students must have the stamina to keep up with their school work and attend rehearsal ready to work.

What can I expect?

  • Your student will be challenged.
  • They will learn about being a part of a community that is bigger than themselves.
  • Genesis prides itself on making sure that each actor has a moment to shine.
  • Your student will grow in confidence and will make new friends.
  • They will play lots of games, work on acting techniques, and, hopefully, will gain more confidence in themselves.

Being a part of a main stage production is very exciting! There are lines to learn, songs to practice and choreography to perfect. Your student will have lots to do! Parents are amazed at what their children are able to accomplish. You will be amazed at how far your child comes at the end of each production.

Is my student ready for a Main Stage Production? 

Main stage productions require a lot of commitment and maturity. It's best if they have had some previous theater experience. However, some beginner students are mature and hungry enough to do just fine at this level. If you have questions, please call the office for guidance.

Shows are divided into three categories:

  1. Beginner/Intermediate (grades 4th-7th)
  2. Intermediate/Advanced (grades 4th-8th)
  3. Advanced (grades 7th and up)

If you have never seen a production at Genesis, we encourage you to come see a production here, watch videos from our past productions or schedule a time to come and visit the theatre.

We are ready to be in a Main Stage Show! How do I get started?

  1. Register for the production that suits your child's ability level and family schedule. We have payments plans that help break up the tuition.
  2. Audition. After you register for the production, your child will attend auditions. Auditions will determine the part your actor will play in the show.
  3. Rehearsal. Weekly rehearsals will continue until "tech week".
  4. Set Build. Typically , two Saturdays before tech week, families come to help build, paint, pull costumes, props, organize and sometimes the students rehearse as well.
  5. Tech week . The Monday that the show opens, rehearsals happen every night, Monday-Thursday, until the show opens that Friday. This is a major time commitment and attendance is mandatory.
  6. Volunteer! During the run of the show, parents volunteer to run the Box Office, sell concessions, usher patrons, and clean the theater before and after the show.
  7. Enjoy the show! Revel in your child's success. Purchase your tickets online. Come as little or as much as you would like!
*Students that have been in six Major Productions at Genesis, get their Ovation Award. 

Check out past productions!

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