"I'm a mother of 6 and several of my children have had a love of theater. Over the past 15 years we have participated with many different area children's theater programs and Genesis is, by far, the best experience we've had. The staff at Genesis is truly inspiring a generation of young people in the creative arts. The directors at Genesis excel in bringing out the very best in each and every student and making them feel like an important piece of every show. The classes and productions aren't overcrowded to bring in more money, and there's no "parent politics" going on. My youngest is now in her third year at Genesis and I have zero negative feedback. My girl feels loved and encouraged, while at the same time she is growing and stretching. Also, you know its a great kids theater, when on the weekends, you choose to go to shows that your own kid isn't even in."
S. Suarez
"Genesis Children's Theatre is a fantastic venue. We saw Curtains! And the players were great, the show was engaging and fun. All around a great time enjoying local talent from our community. Great fun!"
L. Herrin
"We saw Sweeney Todd last night and it was great. These "children" are not children at all. It was very professional and perfectly coordinated!"
R. Mendez
"My kids love this place. The folks who manage and direct the theater are awesome people."
E. Suarez
"Love this place, truly helps develop a child's passion in acting!"
L. Taylor
"Amazing experience for my daughter! She LOVES Genesis! And as parents, we love it too! They put on amazingly high quality shows, which are done in a very kind, nurturing and family oriented environment. Where other theatre programs are primarily focused on making money, Genesis is first and foremost focused on the kids. For example, all of the shows are single cast -- not double and triple cast. The difference is the kids get more rehearsal time and first hand learning from unbelievably talented and caring theatre professionals. If you want not only a great theatre experience, but a personal growth and learning experience for your child, Genesis is the place!"
Roger Z.
"It's Les Miserables time again! Just thought I'd share where I am tonight... I've been to another show at Genesis that I really enjoyed, so I'm really looking forward to seeing their take on Les Mis! ____ edit, with some thoughts... I was really impressed with the quality of this production. Over and over, I find myself enjoying small community shows more than professional theatre. It was obvious that they took great care in designing the show for their small space. The director was Megan Demsky, fight choreography and assistant directing by Meg Sullivan, and dance choreography was by Kelly Schaaf. All of the movement in the show was just very well done. Let me describe the stage/performance area for you. I don't know technical terms, but there was a small area raised up in a normal stage, then the floor space in front of that with the audience on 3 sides. There were 2 rows on the left and right, then facing the stage there were several more rows of seats. Around those rows, the performance space extended in platforms on the left, and more space for entrance/exits on the right. The 3 person band was behind the last row of these riser seats. So, effectively, the audience was completely surrounded by the performers! It was a very different and effective way of doing the show, I thought. Everything was very easy to see and hear, especially some very nice harmonies! The actors didn't have microphones, but they didn't need them. I won't go into detail about each actor, but I'll just describe a few more things about the show. It was minimal with sets and props. I liked how they used chairs instead of boxes to create different set pieces (even if the "empty chairs" metaphor is getting a bit overdone in Les Mis productions by now.) Guns and other tools were represented by big sticks, and many other "props" were mimed. I always watch actors with mimed cups and bottles and things, to see if they drop them or the prop magically disappears, but I'm happy to report that everyone was very consistent with their invisible props. Other moments I enjoyed: Javert's Suicide was done with some projections on white curtains, and the actor walking slowly between the curtains. I'm not describing it very well, but the effect was great. I also enjoyed seeing a few little silent things... This is only the second time I've seen a production have a a male ensemble member as a flashback Felix Tholomyes during I Dreamed a Dream, but it's one of my favorite little things directors add. I loved how they had the ensemble standing on chairs holding flashlights to make the sewer tunnels! There were so many nice, creative moments in this show. I believe they have performances this weekend and next, and it's definitely worth $15 and 3 hours of your time."
A. Griffin