Single casting means one actor for one role or roles.

Genesis is unique. We do not double cast. Double casting allows for theaters to make more money by encouraging larger casts and giving more actors the opportunity to play larger parts. This sounds lovely;  however, double also means half:  half the shows and half the rehearsal time.

Single casting encourages:

  • Ownership of your part
  • A stronger, more well-rounded cast
  • A stronger commitment to the rehearsal process.
  • Better use of rehearsal time for the actor and the director

At the heart of our theatre, we are coaches and mentors. Small casts allow us to spend less time "herding" and more time diving into the show, coaching moments, crafting the show.

Small casts give us more time.  This time allows us to get to know your child, explore emotions, breakdown walls, work techniques, and have time to clean and polish.

Love Notes is a tradition at Genesis. At the close of each Main Stage Production, the director sits with their cast and gives each student a personalized, hand written note. This is time for the director to recognize each individual child, to praise them, and to speak positivity to them. It is an emotional time for recognition, love, and community. Love Notes is special because the director has had time to focus on one, awesome cast and because that cast was small enough for us to notice each individual.

Your tuition money covers all fees associated with the production:

  • director's fees
  • rights and royalties
  • costumes
  • props and sets

You will not be asked to purchase or supply your own costume. This is the responsibility and privilege of the theater.

We believe that if the show is good, people will come. At Genesis, you may purchase as many or as few tickets as you would like. Our patron base knows the shows at Genesis are consistently excellent. Purchase your tickets in advance. We will sell out!

Our directors are unequaled in their talent for teaching and directing young people towards an incredible show. They are passionate about coaching and training actors to their reach their full potential, directing and designing quality theater pieces, and an example of professionalism in theater. Further, our staff of directors are a team, constantly working together to bring forth the best shows and best experience for all involved in the Genesis Family.