Genesis Children's Theatre Ovation Award Recipients

Caroline and Nicole get their Ovation

The Ovation Award is given to those students that perform in SIX or more Main Stage shows at Genesis. Once they acheive this milestone, their picture is hung on our theatre wall for ever and always. Ms. Neicole gives out the Ovation Award during our "Love Notes" ceremony, following the final performance of the show.  Many tears of joy are shed, as students take a walk down memory lane, recalling how far they have come during their time at Genesis. It is a beautiful celebration and recognition.

The following wonderful actors are Genesis Ovation Members.

Alicia Rose Ashe

Grace Bacino

Cece Bogda

Grant Bower

Jackie Castillo

Natalie Chapin

Blake Coleman

Mia Dorsett

Cali Douglass

Devin Evans

Paige Evans

Emily Fabrega

Piper Fasken

Aidan Fenton

Ellen Frantz

Maddie Geer

Alex Geer

Arwen Ghaffar

JD Grizzle

Hunter Hall

Marianna Harris

Morgan Hausz

Kendall  Hoefler

Charlotte Jenkins

Camille Jett

Khalib Kennedy

Annaelise Kennedy

Chris Kocian

Max Kuenzer

Emory Lambert

Jolie Lambert

Sydnee Lasseigne

Derril Lasseigne

Catelyn Lawrence

Connor Lawrence

Tanner Lewis

Nicolai Lilly

Isadora Lilly

Alexander Lilly

Amelie Lopez

Ford Lorenz

Hannah Mansfield

Sara Massoudi

Mollie Claire Matthews

Scout Mayberry

Collin Mayo

Kellen Miller

Emsley Mitchell

Chetan Moghe

Grace Moore

Makenna Ostrom

Annabelle Phillips

Emma Platt

Benjamin Polanco

Kailee Polanco

Maddie Pratt

Thomas Raber

Grace Raber

Ryan Reisfield

Logan Riseling

Daniela Rodarte

Jackson Rogers

Juliana Roller

Tyler Ross

Addie Ross

Avery Rudd

Lily Ryan

Ayla Ryan

Connor Schaaf

Amy Kate Schonberg

Haddon Sheets

Sophie Sheets

Rajhon Singleton

Rebecca Smith

Kimberly Spiel

Ally Spiel

Emily Spiel

Alexa Stratton

Emily Stuhler

Sofie Suarez

Max Swenson

Eduardo Velez

Elyssa Weiss

Christian West

Emily Widner

Caroline Wilson

Lauren Wilson

Evan Wolfe

Genesis Children's Theatre
Standing Ovation Award Recipients


These amazing students have completed 20 Main Stage Shows at Genesis. they represent hard work, dedication, and are the essence of what Genesis stands for. We could not be more honored that these students have chosen to work their craft with us over such a long period of time.



Emily Fabrega was our very first Ovation recipient. She received her Standing Ovation award while captivating audiences as  TiMoune in Once On This Island, Jr, summer of 2016.



Aidan Fenton recieved his Standing Ovation Award while playing the chillingly refined Beadle in Sweeney Todd, The Deamon Barber of Fleet Street.

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Other Standing Ovation Recipients: Grace Moore, Chris Kocian, Camille Jett, Ally Spiel