Directed by
Meg Sullivan

Set in Messina, Much Ado About Nothing revolves around two romantic pairings that emerge when a group of soldiers arrives in the town. The first, between Claudio and Hero, is nearly altered by the accusations of the villain, Don John. The second romance, between Claudio's friend Benedick and Hero's cousin Beatrice, takes center stage as the play continues, with both characters' wit and banter providing much of the humor.  The title's play on words references the secrets and trickery that form the backbone of the play's comedy, intrigue, and action.
  • FRIDAY: January 26th @ 7pm
  • SATURDAY: January 27th @ 7pm
  • SUNDAY: January 28th @ 3pm
  • FRIDAY: February 2nd @ 7pm
  • SATURDAY: February 3rd @ 2pm & 7pm
  • SUNDAY: February 4th @ 3pm